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Goint to Rome tonite and will be away from 30th to 3rd!!!
aaaaiiiiiii..short trip but still dun want to go tim..
But going to see Canadian leng jai...ho yeah!!! Finger cross!!

After back to HK, need to try the sister dress for my friend's wedding on July 7th. And my bday is 8th loh.........means....have to spend 12 am with them?????????
# by yuli2u | 2007-05-29 15:25

Why Keeps raining..

Aiii..rain nonstop make me dun want to go out.
Yet, I need to pick up passport from Italian Consulate...ho FARN ah!!!!!
Stop raining please!!!!!
# by yuli2u | 2007-05-22 13:13

Watched joh lah..dvd...I love the disc 1.....BUT..I want more of Arashic con ah~~~~~~~~~~ Clips of that are too short lah!!!!!!!!!

But the off show clips are really funny..we see Sho Andy Lau上身﹗﹗哈哈﹐笑死JOH﹗﹗﹗

I never imagine how much think Jun thinks about...I think all Jun fans out there will more in love with Jun after they see this DVD.

Korea part is like 偷拍那~~but I dun care..All I know is I really hate to watch the korea part con part cuz the fans are so noisy..make me headache!!

I love when Jun was holding the camera in Korea airport when they go for Asia festival.....Nino and Ohno ho ho siu~~~~~

And when Nino hop in the car, he immidiately say "Last time I go hk also like this" and OO is so happy that she said, "oh, it means he still remember HK lah" kekeke....

mmmmmm....Arashi..Mommy is coming in Summer lah..wait me!!!!
# by yuli2u | 2007-05-21 14:15


This summer...tan or not tan????
I was looking at my profile picture of this blog, and I found I was quite tan last summer........

Tan ....... or..........Not tan??????
# by yuli2u | 2007-05-18 13:06